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CSI – 14×05 – réactions des acteurs à propos des 300 épisodes!

Ted: I think it’s a testament to the show that you have crew members and cast members that have been here since day one.

Wally: It’s ridiculous! It’s television history.

Marg: We were kind of a monster hit. Right out of the box. That’s all so dizzying and exciting. The special effects we were using and the visual effects… it was all just fun.

Lisa: I have such a great deal of respect for all the people that have made this show so amazing to make it last this long. Forever! We’re never leaving!

Jorja: I was blown away by how it was so different and I hadn’t seen anything ever like it. A show about death on a Friday night. This is gonna be cancelled in six weeks. No one’s gonna watch this. America’s not gonna watch this show. And, boy, was I really extremely wrong.

Eric: I remember doing the pilot and thinking to myself, Why hasn’t anybody done this yet?

Elisabeth: This was a group of very sophisticated, mature, welcoming, wonderful human beings.

Paul and David: see video

Jon: I think this is such a cool way to do a 300th episode. It’s not a clip show. We’re literally just taking a cold case from 14 years ago and flashing back.


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